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Aurora Behavioral Health System is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that is situated in lovely Tempe, Arizona at 6350 South Maple Avenue. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other substance of abuse, can take a toll on the well-being and livelihood of the addict. It's important that these individuals seek professional treatment, guidance, and care in order to safely and successfully beat the addiction. Whether the patient requires inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, Aurora Behavioral Health System can provide patients with everything they need to beat addiction.

It's very typical for an addict to believe that they can overcome addiction on their own. Although this idea may seem tangible, going cold turkey is unsafe and more than likely will result in a relapse in the very near future. It's imperative that addicts seek the help of Aurora Behavioral Health System as patients will receive quality addiction care and treatment methods at Aurora Behavioral Health System. If addicts do not seek help for drug and alcohol addiction, their future will be unclear. This is because addiction is a degenerative and progressive disease that requires intense, professional treatment in order to conquer.

Aurora Behavioral Health System can provide patients aged 18+ with unique treatment methods along with compassionate care and guidance. The counselors that work with the patient will be by their side every step of the way, helping to ensure their success in recovery. Every addict is able to overcome their addiction if they want it badly enough, but it does take the professional help of Aurora Behavioral Health System in order to get to the level of sustained sobriety.

Through deciphering the core reasons why the patient uses drugs and alcohol as an escape will help counselors to better create a treatment program that works for them. A tailor-made approach to recovery is what patients will receive when they enter Aurora Behavioral Health System and this is believed to be the best way to treat addiction.

If patients are truly ready to overcome their addiction and begin a new happy and content life than they will succeed in recovery. They must be in that mindset, though, in order to achieve lasting sobriety. Visit Aurora Behavioral Health System online now at and recognize how quality treatment can change one's life for the better.

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  5.0   4 years ago

As a RN, I loved working at Aurora. I love the/my patient's and you will always have management. Just do what you're supposed to and it's great!!

  5.0   4 years ago

Aurora is a Behavioral Health Hospital. It's specifically designed for patients struggling with any type of mental illness, and also for patients struggling with addictions and looking to de-tox, and find other services to help you be successful once you've been discharged. Each patient is assigned a caseworker and they help to make sure that appointments with a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, and your Primary Care Physician are all scheduled before you leave. You also work closely with a counselor and a doctor while staying there. They review your current medications, talk about what you're currently experiencing, and discuss with you possible changes that may need to be made to your daily medications. The doctors, nurses, and staff are all very friendly. I would highly recommend this hospital. Please like and share if you found this information useful. 😁

  4.0   4 years ago

My young adult daughter had been in this hospital around a year ago for medication management and suicidal thoughts. She needed help again and chose to go back to this location. In my opinion, that fact alone is a glowing review. Every behavioral facility will have problems. Almost every patient will wish their stay was longer or shorter. With so many factors such as: insurance approvals, clinicians with limited patient time, patients who are somewhere between forthcoming and deceptive, etc. It's almost impossible to have a perfect release date. All online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but with Behavioral Healthcare the salt should be an extra large grain.

  5.0   4 years ago

Good food. Good groups. Staff did best they could

  5.0   4 years ago

I just got out the other day some staff were not the best but I had great care other wise. It only works if you focus and pay attention. Don't rush to get out do your time and heal. I was d/c yesterday and I'm much better.

  5.0   4 years ago

I'm about to graduate from the IOP program for emerging young adults and it's been a life changing experience. The staff have been very friendly and professional and my group therapist is amazing! Aurora was my last hope when I walked in for the first time two months ago. I felt so lost and alone, ready to give up. Now, I feel like I have a future- something to look forward to and I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for them and what they done for me.

  3.0   5 years ago

They made me stay despite the fact that there truly was no good reason. The stay there (for me) really wasn't all that bad, but I also don't know if it would be helpful to someone who needed help, since there really was nothing wrong with me. The reason that I am upset with them is that 1. They made me stay a week, despite being just mentally fine 2. When I finally did tell them what was going on at home (abuse), they didn't take me seriously, and *gave me back* to my abusive mother, despite my requests to be given to my dad. Also, while it didn't affect me, the bill from just a week staying there was *insane*

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